Path traversal is a very powerful attack but not necessarily easy to find, fortunatly DotDotPwn is here to help you! DotDotPwn is a powerful traversal directory fuzzer. Written in perl, it’s installed in Kali Linux by default.

Basic usage is: -m <module> -h <host>

Several options are available:

-h: the host you want to test
-m: it supports http, ftp or text file as a payload
-o and -O: enable the operating system detection
-d: max depth it will look for (ie. max ../)
-f : file to grab (default is /etc/passwd for *nix system)
-E: try to grab some extra files depending of the os detection result
-S: ssl support
-x: specify the port
-r: output file
-q: quiet mode
-k: keyword to match in the response who means a win
-b: exit after the first vulnerability found
-M: http method to use with http module (can’t make it work)
-e: add an extension (.php, .png, …)

and some more…



Will produce the following Apache logs (note that the User-Agent is different for each request):


To deal with session and cookies you can use a payload to provide details about the HTTP request. The keyword TRAVERSAL is required by DotDotPwn to specify where the injection should be performed. For instance in the file inclusion section in DVWA, you can try this:

GET /vulnerabilities/fi/?page=TRAVERSAL HTTP/1.1
Cookie: security=low; PHPSESSID=rcvkns45jv1i62t1c4jqj8ogu4

With the following command:

$ -m payload -h -p ~/dvwa_fi.txt -x 80 -k "root:" -f /etc/passwd

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