Bug Bounty consulting

With more than 3 years of experience, I had the opportunity to study several aspects of this industry:

  • As a full time bug hunter, I am pretty familiar with their expectations: What they look for, what are their problems, what make them more involved…

  • As a consultant, I work with platforms to solve the common problems in a relationship with hackers and handle the daily. Support the customers, manage the reports, keep hackers on the right track…

  • As a consultant, I help companies to manage their program. How to choose a scope, how to create a reward policy, what are SLAs…

  • As this list shows, I spent time to study the main platforms available on the current market. Depending of some criterias (size, country, law…) some of them probably fit better to your business.

In a nutshell my goal is to help all actors in the bug bounty industry to be successful and develop the programs on the long term.

Whether for a first step or for any question about an already running security program, feel free to contact me by e-mail: g[at]10degres[dot]net

Security audit

Specialized in LAMP models, I perform security audits on websites using those technologies, on site or remotely. The time required mainly depends on the size of the perimeter of the test, basically how many pages/scripts/functionalities are concerned.

After the audit you will get a report resuming the checks performed and the issues found. Because of my developer background, I am able to understand how to fix them and potentially help in this task.

For any question, feel free to contact me by e-mail: g[at]10degres[dot]net