After many years of web development, I finally decided to follow my dream: perform in the security industry. In october 2015, after 3 months of hard work, I successfully passed the famous Offensive Security Certified Professional exam.

Since, Bug Bounty is my daily.
As a hunter, I work on several platforms. As an active member of the community, I created many tools to automate the basics.

In order to promote the Bug Bounty industry, I also help companies in this adventure. Whether for a first step or to improve the relationship with hackers, I can intervene on any part of a program.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to contact me through any social network listed below or by e-mail: g[at]10degres[dot]net


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I don’t believe in licenses.
You can do whatever you want with my scripts.

However, there is a simple way to support my work:
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