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Choose your password

I recently worked with a well known web agency in France. They have a good reputation, they were rewarded last year for their good works and they are in the top 40 of the best french agencies. 

However I was terribly surprised to find many basic errors/misconfiguration on their own site: error_reporting enable,  SQL injection and finally a “private” admin section reachable with a simple couple of demo/demo as credentials…

Such vulnerability can be dangerous when using common login/password and it can be even deadly if the discovered user has high privileges. It was true in this situation: mail contact, articles, resumes, photos everything was alterable.

Below the good practice to create a strong password.

The rules

  • must be at least 8 characters
  • must be different than your previous password
  • must NOT be related to your username
  • must NOT contain any recognizable word

The characters set

  • must contains uppercase: A, B, C, ...
  • must contains lowercase: a, b, c, ...
  • must contains number: 0, 1, 2, ...
  • must contains symbol: #, §, %, @, &, ...

The method

A good approach is to choose a random sentence, a song title, a proverb, a book excerpt or whatever you’ll remember easily… Extract the first letter of each words, apply some changes and add some chars.

The example

I choosed a small sentence from “Fade into you” by Mazzy Star:

  1. the original: Some kind of night into your darkness
  2. first letters: skoniyd
  3. replace letters by numbers: sk0n1yd
  4. transform lowercase to uppercase: Sk0n1yD
  5. add symbols to reach a good length: #Sk0n1yD*

An attack based on a dictionary would fail against this password. A brute force still possible but will be much much loooooonnnnnnger :)

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