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DNS enumeration with Host

While performing a pentest the information gathering phase is the most important, it’s the key of a successful test. The DNS is very great source of informations, whith some simple queries you will be able to grab usefull datas about the domain you are targeting. The host command is a very powerful DNS lookup utility which is present in all Linux distribution.

For the examples, I will use a domain which allows that kind of query at this moment.

Basic usage

As the man says, host is normally used to convert names to IP addresses and vice versa:

DNS enumeration host basic

If the domain doesn’t exist, you will meet that message: Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

If the ip doesn’t point anywhere, you will get this message: Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)


From here you can perform a brute force based on a dictionnary to find subdomains. Imagine a text file containing those few keywords:

mail, demo, test, admin, blog

With 3 lines of shell code, you could loop to query all derived subdomains:


for name in $(cat subdomains.txt) ; do
  host $ |grep "has address" |cut -d " " -f 1,4

Will output:

DNS enumeration host forward


Of course you could query the discovered ip address but you can also query all ip in the same network to find more subdomains. Here is a simple shell script:


for ip in $(seq 0 254) ; do
  host 160.92.126.$ip |grep "" |cut -d " " -f 1,5

Will output:

DNS enumeration host reverse

Zone transfer

Finally the best technique is to try a zone transfer. Zone transfer is a mechanism available for administrators to replicate DNS databases across a set of DNS servers.

With the -t option you can grab specific informations about the domain: name server (ns), exchange mail (mx), alias (cname), etc.:

DNS enumeration host zone transfer

Then, for each name server found we will try to perform a zone transfer for the domain of the example:

DNS enumeration host zone transfer

Et voilà! My screen is to small but more than 100 unique subdomains have been found. If the zone transfer fails, you will get this message: ; Transfer failed.

There is many tools to deal with DNS: dig, dnsenum, dnsrecon can also do the trick. My favorite and probably the easiest is Fierce.

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