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Subdomain takeover - DNS expiration

One quick and easy way to make cash in bug bounty job is subdomain takeover. The goal is to steal a forgetted/unused subdomain of your target and put a PoC in place. If you are able to do that, that means that instead of a plain text file, an attacker could replicate the true site of the victim and perform phishing. This way he could trick users and even the employees of the company to grab useful data like credentials, this can also have really huge impact on the companies reputation.

First of all you have to find a list of subdomains of your target. To perform that task, you can use a single tool like TheHarvester or DNSRecon.

Then for each subdomains you should check if it is an alias or not, I personnally use the command host

$ host is an alias for has address

if yes, and if the alias destination is an external domain, then you should check his expiry date of this domain. Because if this domain has expired, that means an attacker could buy it through a registrar like Gandi for a small amount. Then put a fake look alike website in place and finally start social engineering by impersonating the vulnerable company.

To perform all those tests, I wrote a PHP script that takes a subdomains list as an argument. Usage is:

Usage: php dnsexpire.php [OPTIONS] -f <subdomain|input file>

    -a  set alert for result output, default=30 days
    -f  subdomains list source file
    -h  print this help

    php dnsexpire.php -f
    php dnsexpire.php -a 10 -f dns.txt

Output is:

DNS expiration PHP tool

The code is available on my GitHub repository so give it a try!

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